Tobias Goncharoff, D.C.

Tobias received an Associate Degree in chemistry from Cabrillo College, California in 1986 before going on to receive a Doctor of Chiropractic, (Magna Cum Laude), degree from Life Chiropractic College, California in 1991. He collaborated as an anatomy specialist, teaching Japanese chiropractic students; and in the creation of the text: “Textbook of Vertebral Subluxation Pathologies.” He had worked with the world famous Dr. Dan Murphy and Dr. Turley in very successful clinics in California before his arrival in Spain in 1992.

Tobias Goncharoff D.C. has been a pioneer in Spain, helping to establish the chiropractic profession as a first choice for millions of Spanish people seeking to optimize their human potential.

He has been a member of the executive board of the AEQ, Asociación Española de Quiropractica; a founding member of the APQE, Asociación Pro-Quiorpráctica de España; representative for Spain in the ICA, International Chiropractic Association; representative for Chiropractic in the project to regulate alternative medicine in Cataluña; Founder of the Puente de Transformación healing retreats; cofounder of the mastermind groups: Concepto Quiropráctico and Principio 1.

Tobias was one of the first chiropractors to establish a clinic in Barcelona, and has been practicing here since 1994. His main passion is as a clinician. His technique specialties include: Sacral Occipital Technique, Kale and Toggle upper cervical specific techniques, Network Spinal Analysis and BioGeometric Integration tonal techniques, Total Body Modification and BioEnergetic Synchronization reflexic techniques, and a plethora of structural techniques.

Another Passion that Tobias shares with his visionary colleagues is that of humanitarian chiropractic missions. His objective of these missions into the third world is: “to connect as many souls as possible to the web of clarity and love (source) that we all feel when we are free from interference.” He has participated in Chiropractic missions in El Salvador, Cuba, Kenya, India and Brazil.

Along with his veteran team of highly qualified and passionate assistants: Mercé LLagostera, Daniela Bini and Flora Esteves ,Tobias continues to serve the Catalan and other people in his clinic in the Olympic Village in Barcelona, offering high quality chiropractic care in a loving and healing environment.

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