More detail on how Chiropractic works

The Chiropractic profession is different from any other medical profession. In order to get to know how chiropractic works, and its final objective one must be familiar with the following terms…

Nervous system
The most complex known structure in the universe, comprised of over seven trillion nerves that control every cell in your body. When there is no interference, our brain transmits the correct information to every cell, so that all organs and systems in our body may work in perfect harmony.

Innate intelligence
Our innate intelligence flows through our nervous system.  It is this intelligence which gives our body life, allows our body to function, and coordinates the self-regeneration of damaged cells, allowing people to heal and live at their fullest potential.

Is a result of our nervous system failing to assimilate environmental stress, it compensates for this lack of adaptation by causing vertebral subluxations. Subluxations cause interference in the nervous system, diminishing the flow of our innate intelligence from our brain to our cells. When there are subluxations in our spine, our innate intelligence does not reach our cells with clarity and power, diminishing our potential and often resulting in sickness and disease.

Causes of subluxation
Subluxations are caused by stress which overwhelms the body.

Emotions/thoughts: We are what we think. Every emotion produces a chemical reaction in the brain’s hypothalamus, affecting our whole body’s physiology. An unstable emotional life subluxates us because it alters our biochemistry.

  • Toxins: A toxic environment causes subluxation. Drug intake, preservatives, prefabricated foods, and living in a polluted environment can often cause subluxation, reducing our ability to express life.
  • Traumas: Falls, accidents, posture, childbirth… They can all subluxate us, altering our nervous system and directly affecting our vitality and potential.

Chiropractic adjustment
The Chiropractor’s job is to locate and adjust vertebral subluxations, allowing innate intelligence to flow with maximum power and clarity, reaching all of the seventy five trillion cells in our body. A chiropractic adjustment is the application of a very precise force on the subluxated vertebra. Only a qualified Chiropractor can make an adjustment. A chiropractic adjustment is totally safe.


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