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This Website is the property of Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico. The access to this site implies that you know and acknowledge our Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is part of the Terms and Conditions of Use. Complying with which is stated in section 10 of Law 34/2002, from 11th of July, on Society Information Services and Electronic Commerce, identifying data can be found below.

1. Company data: Company: Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico, Company Fiscal Identification Number: X1515809V, Activity: chiropractic services, Located at: Arquitecte Sert 14 – bajos – 08005 Barcelona (Spain) Telephone number: 932 250 244, e-mail address: Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico is owner of the domain name

2. Treatment of Personal Data: When the user submits their personal data via our contact electronic address, they agree to accept these Terms and Conditions of Use, and Privacy Policies, to comply and respect, in particular, the current legal regulations regarding Personal Data Protection. All data are treated in strict confidentiality, and they are not accessible to third parties with any aim that differs to what they are authorised for. The file is kept at Arquitecte Sert 14 – bajos – 08005 Barcelona (Spain), under supervision and control of Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico, that assumes responsibility in taking the necessary technical and organization security measures of basic nature in order to protect confidentiality and integrity of information in accordance to what is stated by the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th of December, on Protection of Personal Data and their Regulations of Development Number 1720/2007, of 21st of December.

In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of Data Protection Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico reports that the personal data provided through the forms on this website or by e-mail, will be incorporated in a customer file and will be handled automatically or manually in order to supply the information requested in the forms or subscriptions. By sending the forms on this website the sender gives his consent to be included in the file. The lender informs that these data will not be transferred to third parties. The purpose of the file is to serve as information support to the commercial and administrative management that allows the user to send the information you requested.

User will be responsible in any case of the veracity of data provided, of acknowledging sufficient legal capacity and of being of legal age, as well as of their accuracy and relevance. Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico reserves the right to exclude of its services all users that have provided false, inappropriate, inaccurate data subject to all other actions that may provided by law. The treatment of Personal Data, where entitled, will be done according to the Organic Law 15/ 1999 of 13th December, on Protection of Personal Data, and Law 34/ 2002, from 11th of July of Society Information Services and Electronic Commerce Society. The user gives express permission to Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico to treat the personal data the user submits voluntarily, in the form of an electronic message, and to use them in the following activities and/or actions, unless the User indicates the contrary whenever subscribing to any product and/or service provided by Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico, or as a result of a subsequent withdrawal of the consent that was initially granted: Receiving information about our services via electronic message, fax, courier, that has been asked via electronic message through our web or courier. Statistical study by Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico Storage of your personal data for as long as the law indicates. Every user can put into practice their rights to access, correct, oppose and cancel their personal data submitted via our electronic address, by sending a written communication to Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico, located at Arquitecte Sert 14 – bajos – 08005, Barcelona (Spain), or to the electronic address

3. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights: The name of domain is property of Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico as well as the Website, including its design, structure, distribution, texts, contents, logos, buttons, images, pictures, source code, instructions, and also all intellectual and industrial property rights and any other distinctive sign, are owned by Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico, or as the case may be, to the persons or companies that are stated as authors or holders of the rights, and who have authorized Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico using them. The contents of this Web cannot be totally or partially reproduced or exploited, by any means, for aims different to the legitimate information or contraction by users of the services herein offered. In this sense, you cannot copy, reproduce, gather, decompile, dismantle, distribute, publish, show, execute, modify, dump, carry out derivative works, transfer or exploit parts of the service. Modifying the contents of the services is a violation of the legal rights of third parties or Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico. In any case, these Conditions of Use are subject to stipulations included in the current Intellectual Property Law.

4. Responsibilities. According to de Organic Law 15/99, of 13th December on Personal Data Protection, the refunded text of the Intellectual Property Law and its current amendments, and the Law 34/2002, of 11th July 11 de Julio of Society Information Services and Electronic Commerce and the amendments hereto, the user assumes responsibility for and agrees to respect and comply with the said laws. Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico holds no responsibility for any damages that could arise in the event of a force majeure circumstance, as might be: errors in the lines of Communications, defects in the user’s Hardware and/or Software, problems in the Internet network. It is not guaranteed that this web page will constantly, reliably and correctly work, without any delays or interruptions. In no event shall Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico be liable for any losses, injuries or damages arising out of or in any way connected to the use of this website or delayed inability to use this website. You assume the entire risk and responsibility for any damages suffered by you in connection with your use of this website. Your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue your use of this website. Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico holds no responsibility of the misuse of the contents of its Webpage, being the person accessing to or using them the only responsibility holder. Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico reserves the right to change this privacy policy, with the aim of adapting it to possible new developments in legislation, as well as those that could derive from existing typified law codes on this subject of for strategic reasons. Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico is in no way responsible for the content or reliability of links to other sites.

5. Cookies. Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico’s Website does not use cookies.

6. Security. This Website implements all the basic security measures regarding confidentiality and treatment of personal data, set up pursuant to the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, on Protection of Personal Data, and its Regulation of Security Measures in force, quoted. Centro Quiropráctico Olimpico has the appropriate security tools. All the foregoing knowingly that in the Net there is no such absolute security.

7. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction. In general, users of this Website expressly waive any other jurisdiction to which they might be entitled, and they abide by the Spanish law and jurisdiction, specifically to the court of Barcelona. The users of this Website understand and voluntarily accept the foregoing.

This website ( provides information about the professional services of Tobias Goncharoff. The contents of this website are offered for informational purposes and information only. The owner is not responsible for the content or the statements and opinions expressed by third parties on this website. The website content is not intended to constitute or replace professional medical advice, so the owner does not accept any liability, direct or indirect, that may arise from the use made of this information.