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Your First Visit

The ultimate goal of Chiropractic care is to maximize human potential.

Your First Visit
Welcome to Centro Quiropráctico Olímpico. You are at the avant-garde of healthcare and wellness. Your first visit with us will be different from any medical appointment. It involves the following procedures…

Life quality
This assessment aims to find out details about your lifestyle, and what your personal goals are in undertaking chiropractic care. It is important for us to know what makes you happy and what objectives you would like to set for yourself in order to improve your quality of life. It is of course also relevant to find out about any pathology you may have, and any traumas or treatments you may have gone through. We want to know what your hopes are; what would make you feel more complete as a person.

Palpation and other tests that we do are designed to detect subluxations of the vertebrae in your spine. Subluxations block the communication between your brain and the rest of your body. They do not allow your body’s natural intelligence to express itself with strength and clarity.

What comes next
After your first visit, we will produce a personal written chiropractic report which we will explain to you on your second visit. The aim of the personalised report is to enhance your knowledge of chiropractic so that you are well informed before undertaking your care program. We will not discuss diagnostics or prognosis. We will further explore the concepts of innate intelligence, spinal subluxation and its causes, and the chiropractic adjustment, discussing a lifestyle that promotes wellness and how we can lead a fuller, more conscious healthier life. We will make a personal recommendation for your optimum care in order to achieve the changes that you want, and we will explain to you our recommendations to be followed during this process.Chiropractic

You will receive your first adjustment either during your first visit, or after your personalised report in your second visit, depending on what the chiropractor feels is best for you.  An adjustment is the application of a very precise force on the subluxated vertebra. There are over one hundred different chiropractic techniques; some of them have more impact than others. All adjustment techniques share three things in common: their precision, their very high level of safety, and their efficiency when it comes to correcting the function of the nervous system.

What can you expect to feel after your first adjustment?

The key word is feeling. We want to cause some reaction in you. We are changing a rigid and limited neurological pattern and creating a new one characterized by its flexibility and adaptability. It is not about feeling comfortable, but about ensuring that the process is beneficial for obtaining the desired results overtime. You might experience a deep feeling of wellness and peace, symptoms may suddenly disappear… Or perhaps you feel tired, aching, dizzy, even have some fever. All these bodily responses are positive: they mean that we have adjusted the subluxations and that your body is responding the way it should. There is no need to worry; your body always responds to the adjustment in a totally correct fashion. Whether you are worried or enthusiastic about your adjustment, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve you. We will call you anyway in order to ask you how you feel after you have received your first adjustment.


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